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Dear friends, We cordially invite you to a lecture in Prague, which will be on prevention, health, beauty, health, weight loss, an alkaline lifestyle, exceptional example of Archaea and certified bioliftingu masterclass.

The lecture takes place every Thursday from 17h., At the headquarters of Dr. Nona - Address: U Zvonařky 448/16 Praha 2 - Vinohrady (bell D.N.I. Dr. Nona).

In the case of interest can be arranged to hold a lecture in other Czech cities. Seats are limited, please make reservation by email:

Free entry.
Action APRIL and MAY 2016
This action is an official event by Dr. Nona, which can benefit each of you.
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Food supplement for a new generation of effective protection of your health!

Dietary supplement in the form of syrup. Halo Imunseen a unique combination Halo-complex based on Dead Sea minerals and extract of Archaea, with an extract from the fruit of elderberry, zinc and vitamin C. It has a wide range of positive effects, especially for respiratory problems, nervous and hormonal systems.

Basic composition:
Halo-complex, the extract from the fruit of elderberry, zinc, vitamin C, etc..
Characteristics of Halo-Imunseen:

- Supports the immune system,
- Helps with colds, flu, and kidney problems,
- Supports hormonal system,
- It increases sexual desire in both men and women,
- Helps with digestive problems,
- Balances blood glucose,
- It nourishes the hair, skin and nails,
- Helps healing of minor skin injuries,
- Helps improve memory,
- Stabilizes the nervous system, helps with emotional tension and stress.

Suggested use:
1 teaspoon 2 times a day.

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